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Thank you for your interest in looking to add your Aston Villa Supporters Club to our Official Lions Club network.

Before welcoming any new club in to our Official Lions Club network there are some steps to follow and an approval process that includes consultation with the Lions Club Steering Group. The Steering Group is made up of five elected Chairpersons from existing Lions Clubs who help the club monitor new club activity and are available to help and advise you along the way.

Any new club should set itself up with a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary and / or Treasurer (Treasurer if the club intends to operate membership fees, coach travel etc and operates with a bank account). It is important you have individuals who are ultimately responsible & accountable for the conduct of your club. You should set up and operate as an unofficial club. As you establish your club, we will ask you to provide evidence of activity such as setting up social media, public appeals for members, meet ups etc. Your approval will depend on the evidence of activity you provide. The Chairperson will be the main point of contact with AVFC, and would be required to sign the Lions Club Code of Conduct which stipulates the conditions under which an Official Club must operate. An up to date copy of the Code of Conduct can be provided at any time.

Setting up a new club has to take in account existing clubs from within your area. It is unlikely we would look to approve a new club in an area where an Official Lions Club already exists.

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