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Villa Park setting helps love blossom for smitten young couple

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Villa Park setting helps love blossom for smitten young couple

Love was in the air at Villa Park for Jessica and Daniel Gough - after falling for each other as their eyes met at our grand old stadium.

Jessica and Daniel, you see, were ball assistants in B6 in the early 2000s.

And while Jessica and Daniel had eyes for footballs as they flew off the field at every home game, the pair also had eyes for each other as romance blossomed.

And it all came full circle this festive season.

After a wedding ceremony at Moor Hall Hotel, they enjoyed a special surprise photocall at Villa Park - with the sweetheart duo having snaps in the dugout, the tunnel, the dressing room - and their original ball assistant spots, of course.

As we look ahead to Valentine's Day on Sunday, Jessica takes up the story: "I'd been a ball assistant from 2002 and Daniel started in 2004.

"By the time 2005 arrived, we were both 15 and I was just about to finish.

"After spending plenty of time chatting and doing handovers, I decided to be brave and ask for Daniel's number - I made the first move!

"I dropped him a text and I'm so glad I did or we wouldn't be where we are today - very happily married.

"Just five years later, on Christmas Day 2010, Daniel proposed with all my family around me - it was a beautiful white gold diamond ring and he said 'will you?'

"I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to say yes!

"In 2012 we bought our first house together and then the wedding planning clicked into top gear.

"We were married just before Christmas at Moor Hall Hotel, which was amazing! Even the weather was brilliant!

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"I had really wanted to have Villa Park as part of my wedding plans but I didn't think we had time to add it into the schedule because it was such a hectic day.

"So the next day was a huge surprise - and I was so delighted.

"Daniel whisked me off to the stadium the morning after the big day - and then I was shocked to see our photographer head out of the tunnel before I was ordered into the dressing room to get changed into my dress - with Daniel getting into his suit.

"I was in total shock. I couldn't have been happier.

"We all had a great time that morning. It's such an iconic venue and it's where our love story began.

"We even returned and sat in our old spots as ball assistants around the pitch and it was emotional reminiscing about where it had all started!

"I don't think you can appreciate, unless you're a sports fan, quite what a hold your own team has on you.

"I love Aston Villa. So does Daniel. We're so proud of that - and the venue really is world-class, up there with the very best in the world.

"It was absolutely key in us finding love - and it's absolutely key in our lives today!

"And it's not the only member of my family who thinks so either - my sister Gemma Whitehead is getting married at Villa Park in June this year.

"Hopefully she has as much fun as I did!"

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Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 11th February 2016
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