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Love blossoming at Villa Park with lionhearted staff

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Love blossoming at Villa Park with lionhearted staff


Villa Park has seen many great games - and plenty of love matches.

You may have found the performances of your heroes on the pitch irresistible down the years but, as we celebrate Valentine's Day this week, it's worth pointing out there have been appealing emotions off it too within the corridors of Villa Park.

There have been - and still are - a host of lionhearts in the B6 offices.

Long-term sweethearts Debbie and Gary Birch, Pam and Dave Bridgewater, Coleen and Karl Prescott as well as Lucy and Nick Finney [pictured left] all met due to their claret and blue devotion.

Then there are those who are in the earlier throes of romance, like Hannah Bharier and Luke Smith [pictured right].

There are also enticing tales from yesteryear - former secretary Alan Bennett found love across the counter of the club's bank in Six Ways while former Lions Club secretary Charles Tabberner fell for his wife in the ticket office.

There's clearly real adoration for Villa - and great affection for each other too!

Take the story of Lucy and Nick Finney.

Joining the club within a year of each other, their eyes met across the media office as amore blossomed within six months.

They were married just two years later with their nearest and dearest Villa Park friends in attendance!

It's certainly a heartwarming tale of love in the to-and-fro of life in B6.

Lucy said: "The culture of the club - where you want to give everything to make it successful - leads you to work harder and longer.

"That, in turn, leads to more time spent with colleagues. The more time you spend with them, the closer you get. That's what happened with Nick and I.

"So you can definitely say that a common affection for Villa brought us together."

Romantic relationships are not an anomaly at Villa Park, though.

CareerBuilder's annual office romance survey found that 31% of workers have dated someone they work with over their career.

Additionally, 38% report they went on to marry the person they dated in the office.

That represents better odds than on most dating websites.

But in B6, you worship your loved one - and this glorious club too, of course!

With Valentine's Day this week, why not take advantage of the Villa Park devotion by bringing your loved one here for a night of good food and fine wine.

Two superb events are taking place, making Villa Park the ideal location to spend Valentine's Day with the special one in your life.

Take your pick of events and make sure Valentine's Day is perfect.

Love in a Box
Trinity Boxes
February 14
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Champagne on arrival, four-course meal, a bottle of wine to share and a private pitch-side box with hostess service throughout the evening.
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VMF Valentines
VMF, Directors Suite
February 14
8pm onwards
Celebrate Valentine's in the VMF Restaurant
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Call 0121 326 1570 to book


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