Fan Consultation Groups

Fan Consultation Groups

Meeting minutes from June 2019 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from November 2018 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from February 2018 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from September 2017 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from April 2016 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from August 2016 can be found here.
Meeting minutes from November 2016 can be found here
Meeting minutes from June 2017 can be found here
An explanation of what the FCG set out to achieve can be found below.


To help build a trusted relationship between fans and the Club.  

To ensure structured engagement and dialogue between fans and the Club.  

Have an open process that is driven and led by fans.

Fan Representative Roles & Responsibilities

To ensure that the time spent engaging in dialogue with Club representatives is spent for the benefit of the wider Villa fan base - to represent the views of fans and not personal interests.

To disseminate in a fair, constructive and accurate way the output from each meeting.

The conduct at meetings must be respectful of others at all times.

The agenda to be created by fans.  

The selected fan reps will seek to achieve unanimity in terms of the questions (and the priority of the questions) to be addressed by the Club.

Fan Representatives

Each fan rep has been selected by the Club as they already engage in dialogue with other fans via message boards, fan sites, supporters groups etc.  

As well as using this existing line of communication to help identify what matters should be discussed with the Club, this provides the platform for the dissemination of the information and answers given by the club in response.

Fans raise to fan reps what are the most important issues – fan reps communicate the answers to fans.  

The current list of fan reps as follows:

Aston Villa Supporters Trust (AVST) Two reps
Lions Club Chairpersons Two reps One rep
Heroes & Villains One rep
Villa Talk One rep
Vital Villa One rep
AV Independent Supporters Clubs (AVISC) One rep
My Old Man Said (MOMS) One rep
Villa View One rep
Aston Villa Disabled Supporters Association (AVDSA) One rep

Frequency and format of meetings

Each year, the club will look to host a minimum of four formal agenda driven meetings and a minimum of two informal meetings.

Informal meeting – not agenda driven.  Opportunity for fan reps to engage with Board & Senior Management reps pre-match.  A combination of weekend / weekday matches.  Informal meetings also give the club opportunities to present / raise ideas on club matters.  

The suggestion of a summer meeting at BMH gives the Manager and / or players the opportunity to connect with the group.  One hour for each informal meeting.  

Formal – agenda meeting.  Agenda set by fan reps and submitted at least ten days prior to a formal meeting.  Held on weekend afternoon matches (three hours prior to kick-off).  At least two Board reps & appropriate Senior Management reps (defined by agenda items) will attend.  One hour for each formal meeting.

Head of Comms and / or SLO to attend all meetings.

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League Table

Pos Pld GD Pts
1 same Liverpool 8 14 24
2 same Man City 8 18 16
3 up Arsenal 8 2 15
4 down Leicester City 8 7 14
5 up Chelsea 8 4 14