First Time at Villa Park

First Time at Villa Park

Welcome to Villa Park - home of Aston Villa Football Club

Providing fans with a fun, safe and exciting football experience has been a central part of the Club’s operation for many years. Villa Park offers a great family day out in a safe environment and welcomes all supporters – new and old – to enjoy watching football here.

The information below will give you all the details you need to make the most of your day out at Villa Park – whether you’re a family coming for the first time or you’re new to the area or visiting and would like to experience football in the Villa Park atmosphere.

Top Tips

A quick run-down of our top ten tips to prepare you for a matchday at Villa Park.

Our top ten tips

  1. Sign up to receive our pre-match emails and follow us on social media to get all the latest news and build-up ahead of kick-off. Visit our match centre for the full preview and get ready for the game.
  2. Make sure you have everything you need ready to enjoy the game – including your ticket, checking the weather and planning your route!
  3. Traffic can get busy around the stadium so make sure you arrive within plenty of time. There’s loads to do around the stadium so don’t worry about being too early.
  4. Wrap up warm if the game is during the winter months – it can get cold in the concourses and your seats!
  5. The Villa Village store is located in the North Stand car park, and there are also mini kiosks by the Holte End and Trinity Road, if you’re looking for some great Villa Merchandise or a programme before the game.
  6. There’s plenty of food & drink options inside the concourses and around the ground, look out for the kids meal deals if you’re a family attending.
  7. The warm-up normally begins 45 minutes before kick-off – don’t miss the teams being put through their paces.
  8. Get your claret & blue gear ready to show your support in the stands.
  9. Take your seats at least 10 minutes before kick-off so you can enjoy the atmosphere as the crowd welcome the teams to the pitch.
  10. Enjoy the game! Soak up the atmosphere of football at Villa Park, but if you do have any issues or concerns alert your nearest steward who will be happy to help.

What about tickets?

Ticket Office

You can purchase tickets for our home games in a number of ways.

You can visit our website and purchase your tickets online via

You can call our customer service team on 0333 323 1874.

You can visit us in person at our ticket office in the Villa Village – Villa Park.

Your tickets will then be posted straight to your home, or can be collected on matchday from our Trinity Road ticket office at the stadium.

You can get all the latest ticket news and information on ticket office opening hours here.

If you are purchasing tickets on a matchday, our Villa Village Ticket Office is open. Should you be collecting pre-purchased tickets on a matchday, our Trinity Road kiosk will be open from around 2 hours prior to the match.

Get your matchday tickets today!

Where can I sit?

To get a view of our stadium plan and an idea of prices, click here to view our stadium plan. You can also see the view from your seat with our Virtual Tour. If you have members of the family that support the opposition, please note that football is different to Rugby or other sports where supporters congregate together – there is separated seating with a Home and Away end. All tickets that are able to be purchased from the Aston Villa ticket office are for Home fans. Opposition supporters will need to contact their club for information on Away tickets.

What my ticket means

Once you have received your ticket you should have all the information you need to find you seat at Villa Park and enjoy the match!
There will be various bits of information on your ticket, including the fixture information and kick-off times. 
The main details you need on a matchday are;
Your Stand – Area of the Stadium
Your Block – Specific Block within the Stand that you are situated in.
Your Row – Lettered or numbered Row within your Block
Your Seat – Your Seat number within your Row

Once you have arrived and are ready to enter the stadium, make your way to your stand and block. Once you have found your entrance you will need to make your way through a turnstile to enter the stadium. Once inside the stadium, you can use the block number to find the section for your seats and check your ticket for your row and seat number. If you have any issues finding your entrance or seats, just ask a member of our stewarding team who would be happy to help.

Is there anything I should do leading up to game day?

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the pre-match build-up directly to your inbox by register on our website. 

You can also follow us across all of our social channels as we prepare for the big day

You can visit our history pages to find out more about Aston Villa Football Club

Also remember to check on any travel restrictions on your route to the stadium and the weather forecast.

How do I get to Villa Park?

For all the details on getting to Villa Park by public transport or by car, including local traffic restrictions, parking details and bus & train routes, just click here.

What do I need to bring with me?

The essentials are your match ticket and comfortable clothing suitable for an outdoor environment. Don’t forget your Aston Villa shirt [you can get one from the club shop if you haven’t already]! There will be security on entrances that may ask to check your persons and any bags that you bring with you. Where possible, we advise that you avoid bringing any bags/laptops etc with you to a match.  


Get all the information and assistance available to disabled visitors to Villa Park in our Accessibility Guide

When does the ground open?

Turnstiles usually open 90 minutes before kick-off. We recommend that you take your seats roughly 45 minutes before kick-off which is when the players will come out onto the pitch for their warm-up.

What can I do inside the ground?

Once you’re inside the ground there’s plenty to see and do. There will be refreshment kiosks in every concourse and programmes will also be available. There are also toilets in every area. Don’t miss the teams coming out for their warm-up roughly 45 minutes before kick-off. Take your seats by 10 minutes before kick-off so that you don’t miss any build-up and the teams entering the pitch to a great atmosphere! Remember, once you enter the concourse you can’t leave and re-enter – so make sure you’ve soaked up all the atmosphere around the ground as well.

What can’t I do inside the ground?

For information surrounding rules and regulations as you look to visit our home Villa Park, click here.

Where can I get any merchandise?

The Villa Village store is located in the North Stand car park, and there are also mini kiosks by the Holte End and Trinity Road, if you’re looking for some great Villa Merchandise or a programme before the game. Villa Village is open before and after the game, but visit the website to check the latest opening times

Is there anything to eat and drink?

Various refreshment kiosks are open inside the stadium on matchdays, offering a wide range of cuisine and beverages. New vegan offerings can also be found in the concourses. Refreshments are also available in the Family Fun Zone inside the Academy or in the Holte Suite (season ticket holders only). Click here for a more detailed map of the kiosks.

Where are the toilets?

There are numerous toilets inside the concourses which are clearly signposted, please contact a steward if you need accessible toilets or to enter with your child. There are also toilets in our Family Fun Zone in the Academy.

Where can I get cash?

Catering kiosks inside the ground accept debit/credit cards. If you do need cash, cash back can be given on purchases in the ticket office and with a minimum spend of £3.50 the matchday programme is the perfect item - get in early though to avoid the queues. The closest cash machine is at Tesco Extra on Aston Lane.

What if I need First Aid or have any other kind of emergency?

In the case of an emergency please contact your nearest steward. St John’s Ambulance are situated in the North Stand.

Family information

What additional activities are there on a matchday?

There are various things for the whole family to enjoy in the build-up to kick-off on a matchday. Enjoy a host of activities in the Family Fun Zone. Meet our club mascots Hercules, Bella and Chip walking around the stadium. The players usually arrive 90 minutes before kick-off and you can cheer them into the stadium by the Players Car Park near the North Stand and Trinity Road.

It’s my juniors’ first game at Villa Park – how can we celebrate?

We have the perfect experience for juniors coming to their first game at Villa Park – the My Home Debut experience. Receive special commemorative gifts, meet Hercules for a special presentation and take a lap of the pitch with your juniors name announced inside the stadium! Make it a match they will never forget

How can my junior become a Matchday Mascot?

Our Matchday Mascots are junior supporters aged 4-12 years old that walk out with the players at the beginning of the game. It’s a very special experience for any junior Villan!
There are two ways your junior can become a Matchday Mascot. Firstly our junior membership, JV-Life, includes as a benefit the chance to become a Mascot. Members are drawn at random for each game to be included. Packages are also available to purchase from our hospitality events team.

What can I do with my buggy? 

It is not recommended to bring a buggy due to space available within the stadium. If you have travelled to the stadium with a buggy, there is a buggy bay available in the Family Fun Zone whilst you enjoy the pre-match activities. Please note that all valuables are left at your own risk. Please contact a steward to find a solution for during the match as there is currently no space available inside the stadium for a buggy bay area.

Is there a specific family stand?

Our family area is situated within the Trinity Road stand and consists of blocks C8 & C9 in the lower tier and block B7 in the middle tier. Our ratio of Adults to Juniors in this area is 3:1. Adult only parties are not permitted in these areas. This area of the stadium has a specially designed concourse area for families and includes our kids meal deals at the kiosk points.

Where is the lost child point?

If you have any issues over safety or a lost child please contact your nearest steward immediately. Stewards are located throughout the stadium within each block of seating and will be wearing high visibility jackets.

What other family initiatives do Aston Villa Football Club do? 

We have a range of initiatives to make Aston Villa a family friendly club, from coaching to our junior membership. For all the details, visit our Junior Villans page