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Bernstein part two: David on football ops chief, recruitment and manager link

Bernstein part one: David on Villa affection, unity needed and new Board Easter 2016: What's on at Villa Park
Bernstein part two: David on football ops chief, recruitment and manager link

New Board member David Bernstein spoke to the official website about his new role with Villa.

Check out his views below.

On the new Head of Football Operations role…

We've formed a Football Board, which is rather distinct from the main Board.

The Football Board will take control of the football side of the Club. Mervyn King and I will chair it.

Brian Little will be part of that - as well as someone we're going to recruit.

It's a Head of Football Operations - he will really take a grip of Bodymoor Heath and get it working more efficiently than it has been.

What it won't be is a Director of Football. We don't want that.

I don't think that would work terribly well. You create situations where you have two big variables - the manager and the Director of Football.

We need someone who is knowledgeable about football, understands football but is very strong operationally.

That mix of skills should work very well.

On the way forward…

We're in a bad position when you look at where the Club is.

We're not even competing at the moment to be relegated, to be that far behind is very sad. It's very tough.

When you're at a Club that's losing regularly everyone is down and desperate to win.

But I think these things are capable of being turned around, sometimes quicker than you think.

You get the right people in, make one or two moves and get the thing right.

I think there's the capability - if we all really work at it as we must do - in achieving a sizeable turnaround sooner than later, without being stupidly ambitious.

That's what we are desperate to do.

On recruiting players…

Basically, it will engage the Football Board, that's where the responsibility will rest.

At the very moment, I have already asked a group of people to start to look at the whole playing situation - where we stand, what we have got, what we need, what we might need if we stay up, what we need if we go down and so on.

We are getting a plan together, along with the financial implications of that, so we have a proper thought-through plan which we can begin to implement.

On working with the manager…

The manager will report into me directly. The rest of the football operations will report into the Head of Football Operations, when we've got him.

I believe it's important that the manager has a personal relationship with a very senior member of the Club where you have confidence in each other and talk to each other, every week… every day.

I am great believer in operating properly.


On the possibilities going-forward…

At Man City I couldn't have arrived at a worse time.

We were just going down to the third tier of English football. We went down a month after I was appointed.

But I believe those moments of problem and failure present great opportunities for a number of reasons.

You can do things that you can't do when the Club is successful - or people feel there's no need for change because they ride that success, it's an excuse sometimes for not doing very much.

When you hit problems some people recognise things need to be done, it creates opportunities.

Aston Villa now, we have a moment of opportunity which we have to take.

On Randy Lerner…

Randy Lerner is more upset than anyone about what's happened.

But he's totally onside. He's had the courage - and it's not easy - to take a step back and bring in a Chairman in Steve Hollis, Mervyn King and I.

He's given us the mandate to get on with it. I think we can deliver.

On where the planning lies…

If you're asking, if we're thinking short-term or long-term, we have to be a bit of both.

If we go down, there's a big incentive to get back very quickly for obvious reasons including parachute payments in years one and two - and not in year three.

There's a big financial incentive on top of everything else.

We have to mix some sensible short-term thinking with some long-term planning.

We must not be too short term but also we can't be thinking just five years ahead because a lot will happen in the next year or two.

It's a matter of balance.

Check out the FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW with David Bernstein on AVTV HD.

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