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Bernstein part one: David on Villa affection, unity needed and new Board

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Bernstein part one: David on Villa affection, unity needed and new Board

New Board member David Bernstein spoke to the official website about his new role with Villa.

Check out his views below.

On joining Villa…

It's a fantastic challenge.

I have been offered a number of things in football since I left the FA and frankly I wasn't interested.

But when I got the opportunity to get involved with Aston Villa, I think the mix of it being such a great Club and yet with so many issues at the moment was particularly interesting for me.

I have always been very, very fond of Aston Villa.

It's a Club I have always followed - it was my family's Club, my father and uncle.

Now the mix of problem…but potential….attracts me.

On what the name Aston Villa means to him…

I instantly think one of the founding Clubs of English football, I think of the premier Club in the Midlands despite Leicester's success and we should be one of the top half dozen Clubs in the country.

It's got a great heritage, great support, great stadium, great training ground - it's got everything and frankly shouldn't be where it is.

But it is - and we have to deal with the issues.


On the journey back to the top…

I know that if things don't work out this season - and we still hope they will - the journey back is always very, very exciting.

I have been involved in that before and as you improve and start to get that success, it's a fantastic journey which the fans will enjoy enormously.

If we stay up we still have a journey upwards from where we are now.

I am very excited by it all.

On his Man City experience…

When I was becoming Chairman they were just dropping into the third level of English football.

We had very little there - little infrastructure - but this is very, very different.

The fabric is all there here.

But we still have a lot of building to do.

On the togetherness needed throughout the claret and blue family…

What's crucial is that everyone is together.

There needs to be a feeling of working together - a family feeling.

We all live and die together - that's absolutely crucial.

If you have those qualities - and with the scale of this Club - you should be able to do the business.

On his first impressions of Chairman Steve Hollis…

I must say - and must stress - that I have been most impressed with the Chairman.

I haven't known him for very long but I think the Club is lucky to have him.

He's doing a very good job. It's not easy to do what he's been doing.

I believe I can work really, really well with him.

The Board is very important. I think if it's not right at the top of any Club, it won't be right further down. We have to get the top right.

We get that right - and then work on the rest.

Little 640

On Brian Little's return…

He's a real Villa person, knows the Club and knows football.

We'll be using him as an advisor.

He has the feel and pulse of it. He loves the Club - and that means a lot. He will bring a lot of football knowledge.

If I'm honest I'm not sure there's been enough football knowledge in this club over the past few years.

What we're doing is having a real input of football knowledge and claret and blue knowledge, too.

On Mervyn King's arrival…

Mervyn was my main connection with Villa, actually. He introduced me to the Chairman.

We have known each other for some time. We have talked about Villa over drinks many times.

Clearly he's a supporter - over about 55 years. He knows the Club back to front.

He loves the Club and is a very, very clever man. It's great to have him on the Board.

Check out the FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW with David Bernstein on AVTV HD.


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