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The Boss: Garde on Spurs loss, Gabby, Grealish and positive attitudes

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The Boss: Garde on Spurs loss, Gabby, Grealish and positive attitudes

Rémi Garde faced the press this afternoon after the defeat to Tottenham.

His views are below.

On the loss…

It's tough to take like any defeat.

We conceded two goals in the worst period you can imagine.

The first one was a lack of concentration and lack of experience. We started the second half poorly like we did at Stoke and City - and again conceded a goal straight away.

That was 2-0 down and this is a situation which is very difficult against a very good side like Tottenham.

On the mentality after going 2-0 down…

I must say the reaction of the team and the attitude was right.

The evidence is that we could have drawn at the end.

My assessment is that we lost against a better team than us today.

On the lack of goals…

We concede too many goals too.

It's a balance between that and scoring.

But I know when we concede a goal currently we become very fragile.

On how he can change things…

My job is to try to correct the situation that we could face in the game.

I try to improve the way we are playing collectively and the way players could improve individually as well.

This is my role.

On the need for consistency…

Today if you look at the game sometimes we played very good football and sometimes we defended well too.

But we have not enough consistency in our efforts.

Football is about a lot of stuff - mentality, physicality, fitness, tactics, strategy - a lot of things. We have to improve in a lot of areas.

That's what we are trying to do in the training sessions.

I have to say when you play sometimes they are better than you.

Even though, once again, we could have drawn because we had a good reaction until the end, I think the logic has been respected.

On the coming spell of games…

We can still believe we can win enough games to be safe.

I knew that playing Everton, City and Tottenham would be a very difficult spell against very good sides.

I am not saying that we are now having easy games.

I don't want to disrespect anyone in this league. I can't anyway because they are all in front of us.

I am saying the games we are playing now will be against teams that are not fighting for the title.

We will have to keep the attitude and faith we have shown today.

I believe we can win games before the end.

On Gabby Agbonlahor's absence…

Gabby trained on Thursday.

He came on Friday morning with an injury - a thigh problem.

He was not fit for selection.


On Rudy Gestede's involvement…

The options were today not too many.

But Rudy had a good game.

He has some different skills that we tried to use.

It was not too bad.

On Jack Grealish's fitness fight…

Unfortunately for the team and for me, there is no more news on Jack.

The doctor told me he had a problem with his ankle and he needed to treat that.

I am waiting for his return.

It could be another ten days or two weeks maximum hopefully.

On the quality of Tottenham…

You don't forget that they played Europa League on Thursday.

Even though some regular players didn't start that, some of them have travelled to Dortmund.

Having had experience myself, I can tell you that playing away on Thursday and playing on Sunday afternoon, physically and emotionally it's difficult to be at the top.

Today for sure they didn't show the best of their football but they are still in a good position.

I don't know how the second leg against Dortmund will go but if they go out, they will concentrate all their energy on the Premier League title. They could be contenders.

It's a deep squad and they have some players who can make the difference, which is very important in high level football.

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By @AVFCOfficial 13th March 2016
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