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#GlobalVillans: Michael Pearson

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#GlobalVillans: Michael Pearson

In our new feature series, we catch up with Villans across the world.

Next up, we chat to Michael Pearson, who lives in USA.

Name: Michael Pearson
Age: 35
City: Rochester, Michigan (just outside of Detroit)
Country: United States
Where did you grow up: Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Why did you choose to support Aston Villa?

Villa chose me in many ways.

I loved Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker as a kid and saw them a lot for Tottenham Hotspur - and with Coventry City being so close we went to Highfield Road a lot.

But as soon as I went to Villa Park I was hooked.

The colours, the pitch, the Holte End, the old Trinity Rd stand...there was nothing like it!

What is your first memory of Villa?

My first Villa memory was actually sitting in the Trinity Road in a match against Spurs.

The noise from the Holte was incredible ...

I don't even remember the score but I do remember that noise, we have the best fans in the world.


Who was your first Villa hero and why?

As a true hero it was David Platt.

His goal for England against Belgium in Italia 90 not only made him a national treasure, he was ours and that made me very proud!

Who has been your favourite Villa manager and why?

I loved Brian Little.

He loved the club, he truly understood it and the fans.

Not only did he win things as a player but he did it as our manager and he oozed class and claret and blue.

It's so good to see him on AVTV HD.

What has been your lowest point supporting Villa?

Honestly it has been this season.

It's not over yet but to be bottom of the league this far into the season has been tough for us all.

No matter what, it's Villa till the end, though!

Have you been to a match at Villa Park?

Oh absolutely.

I am lucky enough to come back to the UK a few times a year so I'll never miss a chance to see a game at glorious Villa Park.

I also went to Wembley for last year's FA Cup semi-final...the best sporting day of my life!


Do Villa have a passionate fanbase in Detroit? If so, where do you congregate and how often?

We have a smaller club here in Michigan with around 12-20 of us meeting up throughout the season at our local bar called Hamlin Pub!

Fans of all clubs congregate there for good banter and a proper British breakfast!

The best part about my club is the fact that it's a small part of a bigger Villa family across North America with clubs popping up in nearly every major city across the continent.

If any Villa fan is traveling to the USA, let us know as we will find a place and a crowd to watch the match with, no doubt.

Which team do you most enjoy seeing Villa beat?

It has to be the Blues for obvious reasons but seeing us beat one of the supposed BIG FOUR teams is always a treat...

Just look at the pictures of the Holte End when Andi Weimann scored the winner against Man City.

But I want to see Villa beat Man United soon, too. I always feel like they always find that piece of luck against the Villa.

What makes Villa so special to you?

Villa is football royalty to me.

The crest is regal and our kit is world famous but it has to be the fans.

I've never felt such passion and togetherness in any part of my life and when you hear "VILLA VILLA VILLA" from the back of the Holte End, there is no noise like it in the world.

If you could meet anyone connected to Villa - past or present - who would it be and why?

Luckily I've met many of my heroes by being a part of the Lions Club when visiting Villa Park.

Gary Shaw, Ian Taylor, Spinky but I would love to meet Paul McGrath. He's just an absolute legend!


What makes you most proud to be a Villa supporter?

I have mentioned the fans quite a lot as they truly are the heart of the club but if I had to think of something I am proud of with being a Villan in the US is that I wear my kit with pride.

I'm not in a sea of red or blue like many new fans over here, I stand out in claret and blue.

Whatever happens, there will only ever be one Aston Villa.

Finally, what would be your perfect day as a Villa fan?

Villa Park, under the lights, packed house, needing three points or in a cup tie...upper Holte in the middle ... 3-0 against the Blues.

Honestly, what could be better? Well ... Taking my daughter to Villa will be the only thing to beat that.

By @AVFCOfficial 9th March 2016
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