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The Boss: Garde on defeat, damaging second half and fragile confidence

Match report: Man City 4-0 Villa Gallery: Images from Man City
The Boss: Garde on defeat, damaging second half and fragile confidence

Rémi Garde spoke to the press following the 4-0 defeat to Man City.

His views are below.

On where it went wrong…

We collapsed totally in the second half after a good first half - good with our tools.

The game plan was to defend very well for as long as we could.

But then as soon as we conceded the first one we collapsed once again.

On the importance of the first goal…

In our situation we know that conceding the first goal, especially against a very good team like that, it's not a good sign for us.

Playing football is about tactics but also mentality.

Probably the mentality of the team - and the players - has been damaged a lot since the start of the season.

I think the team is getting more and more fragile game after game because of the scenario of the season.

On how he will react…

I will do the job as best as I can - and try to give the best I can to the players.

Unfortunately the situation is difficult not only for them but for me as well - and the fans who travel a lot today.

It's a very difficult time currently but we have to face and to cope.

On the game plan…

What we showed in the first 45 minutes wasn't very entertaining but it was the kind of football that we tried to play today because we knew that it was the only solution for us.

We had one opportunity in the first 45 minutes.

I said to the players that as long as we are able to stick to that plan maybe we will have one or two more chances.

But then we conceded the first goal and that was the blow.

On the chances of staying up…

We can still. Until the end, we can do it. Why not?

But we have to be realistic as well.

If we play like the first 45 minutes we have a chance. If we play like the second 45 minutes we have no chance.


On the upcoming game against Tottenham…

The next one will be difficult because it's Spurs at home.

It's a very good side this season. It will be a crucial game for us.

We will all have to be very committed and dedicated in that match.

On other results continuing to give Villa a chance…

Yes. You're right.

I have not got the habit to wait for good news from my direct rivals but once again we're still in the race for that.

The race is very difficult because we start at the bottom of this small league that we are playing with three or four other teams.

We still have the possibility to do it and we have to focus on the next game.


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By @AVFCOfficial 5th March 2016
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