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#GlobalVillans: Rizky Sasono

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#GlobalVillans: Rizky Sasono

In our new feature series, we catch up with Villans across the world.

Firstly, we chat to one of our fans from Indonesia, Rizky Sasono, also known as Risky Summerbee.

He is the songwriter and the singer for an Indonesian band called Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief.

The last album of Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief with a title "Pillow Talk" was included in the best 20 albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine.

With his band, Risky Summerbee also participated in fighting against corruption in Indonesia through their song "Subterfuge", which was released in 2012 along with other songs from other Indonesian musicians.

As well as a musician, Risky has been  a music director for theatre performances, a composer for several films and dance shows.

He is also a teacher at one of the best Indonesian universities based in Yogyakarta and a big Villa fan.

Name: Rizky Sasono a.k.a Risky Summerbee
City: Yogyakarta
Country: Indonesia

Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and London.

I would say I grew up in London, because that's where I spent my child and teenage years.

Why did you choose Aston Villa?

Good question. Most probably because of the name and the claret and blue jersey.

When I came to London Villa were champions of Europe and I remember there was a big buzz about it. Villa, Villa, caught me and is still with me now.

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What is your first memory of Villa?

I can't point out a single memory but Villa had a round badge on the centre of the shirt.

I began collecting cutouts of Villa players, as well as spending pocket money on Panini stickers and would swap anything for stickers of Villa players

Who was your first Villa hero?

Peter Withe, without doubt.

Who has been your favourite Villa manager and why?

Martin O'Neill. For me he's a bit underrated among top managers but he has that winning mentality.

Do Villa have a passionate fan base in Yogyakarta and Indonesia?

There are six people in the town who I have met or connected with and they are passionate fans.

But in Indonesia we have around 100 people in our official Villans Indonesia WhatsApp group, very active and noisy group on the smartphone!

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How/where do you watch Villa matches in Indonesia?

Sometimes we are lucky to see Villa play against top four teams because we have a chance to see it on local TV stations, if not then people here would have to switch to cable TV, or hope that bars and cafes show it.

But you do have to rely on the opponent because TV stations here only show top four teams, just one match a week.

When the rest of the Villans aren't able to watch it online then they refer to comments on our WhatsApp group.

Which team do you most enjoy seeing Villa beat?

Out of the usual top four teams, it would be nice to see Villa beat Chelsea again!

What makes Villa so special to you?

I think I grew up following Villa. It's not a mainstream team to support or be a fan of here, somehow that drew me to the club.

Who is your favourite past player and why?

Stiliyan Petrov. He had that charisma on the field as a leader and was a playmaker.

A humble guy too.

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Who is your favourite current player and why?

Carles Gil and Jack Grealish, they're simply artists!

What makes you most proud to be a Villa supporter?

We are one of the few clubs to have lifted a European Cup trophy.

Finally, what would be your perfect day as a Villa fan?

A home win so I get to see the team at Villa Park and then some drinks after.

By @AVFCOfficial 16th February 2016
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