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The Boss: Garde on loss, penalty shout, red card and defensive bravery

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The Boss: Garde on loss, penalty shout, red card and defensive bravery

Boss Rémi Garde spoke to the media following the 2-0 defeat to West Ham.

His views are below.

On the penalty shout…

I would like to mention the first big point in the game before the red card.

This is a clear penalty we should have been awarded.

It was a clear handball and it was before the red card.

This is, for me, the key point of this game.

Then the red card happens. I saw the pictures.

We fought hard after that - 10 v 11 - we defended very well.

On the red card for Jordan Ayew…

Jordan has no excuse to do that. I know that he knows that.

He will be suspended now.

Today it was a big blow for the team.

The 10 men fought very hard and I have nothing to reproach them about.

On West Ham's first goal…

I have seen it again. It could have been offside.

I say that because currently we are at the bottom and everything is against us.

We have been denied three penalties in a row and I feel it's a lot of things.


On the tough task for 10 men…

It's a big mountain.

We started well. We were well in the game.

I wouldn't say we controlled the game but it was 11 v 11.

I was feeling good about the team, like in the previous weeks.

Then the penalty is not given and there is a stupid red card.

On the manner of the defeat…

It's the way we lost it.

I had a very good feeling while we were 11 men on the field - the same as the last few weeks now.

In that match - 11 v 11 - for 90 minutes, I am sure we would have been getting something at the end.

On the tactics for 10 v 11…

In this kind of situation you have to defend well at 10 v 11.

That's what we did - and then it's about having counter attacks or some set-pieces.

I feel very sorry for the guys to be beaten 2-0 down after the bravery they showed today.

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By @AVFCOfficial 2nd February 2016
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