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Garde: My key focus is "exploiting the potential of this team"

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Garde: My key focus is "exploiting the potential of this team"

Rémi Garde says he's still hopeful of bringing some players in during January - but insists his main focus is on "exploiting the potential of his team".

New Chairman Steven Hollis spoke to fans at a meeting on Thursday and also stressed to club TV there would only be "strategic buys" to improve the squad.

Garde was happy to see the Club's stance communicated.

And the boss reiterated that he's now working hard to "spread my message to my players" as he looks to extend the current run of good form on the pitch.

He said: "I'm very happy about how the Club has communicated the situation because it is important that everybody who loves this Club knows about the situation.

"My job is only to be focused on how we can win the next games and how we can keep the spirit the team has shown in the last four games. It's the most important thing for me at the moment.

"I can only control 100% of that. I cannot control everything at the club. I spend my energy on how can my team play better football and win games?

"I think it's not a short-term view that I heard yesterday - it's a long-term view. And probably this club has suffered from too many short-term views.

"My job is to be focused on 'how can I exploit the potential of the team I have been given to work with.'

"Of course, I made some recommendations - this is my job to tell the Board, the Club 'if we can sign this, this and this player, probably the team would be better.'

"But this is not up to me to decide to have the final decision on how much money we should spend.

"I respect that. I am not here to complain. I am here to give my best. I am expecting the same with my players.

"I am strong. I know it is a difficult time. I am focused on how we played in the last four games.

"I am interested in 'why did we play like that, how could we play again like that?' I am not spending energy on things I can't control."

Paul Brown
By @paulbrownavfc 22nd January 2016
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