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The Boss: Garde on loss, performance, transfer window and keeping belief

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The Boss: Garde on loss, performance, transfer window and keeping belief

Boss Rémi Garde discussed the 3-1 defeat to Sunderland post-match.

His views are below.

On his mood…

I am very disappointed, like with every defeat.

I think we didn't play so badly. The team were very close in terms of level.

We didn't score enough goals and conceded too many, it's as simple as that.

On the performance…

I am just trying to do my job as best as possible, every minute…every day.

But today, like my players, I am frustrated because we didn't expect to lose here.

Once again, I thought we played not so badly.

We created some opportunities but like every time we need to more efficient.

On the belief in camp…

You cannot say the confidence has grown with this kind of result.

But we still have light in front of us.

It's more and more difficult. But while there is a little bit of light in front of us we must still believe.


On keeping the faith…

In life and football, you first have to believe. If you don't you have no chance to do it.

Let's say it's more difficult. I am realistic as well.

But in football you can have a run of winning games.

In every league in every year you see teams losing games and then winning four, five, six in a row. Why not us?

But for that we will probably need one or two or three players to bring new freshness into the team.

On the transfer window…

I will try - the club with me.

This will be a key point in turning the situation in another way in the second half of the season for sure.

On the application of his players…

Today, to be fair, I didn't see a team that didn't give everything they could.

We got back into the game with this great goal from Carles but then we conceded another one.

When you concede so many goals like us, it's difficult to win games.

Of course, you have to look at the result which is the main target for every team in football.

But you also have to look at the way we played and, to be fair, we didn't play so badly.

I can blame some of my players in some situations of course. When you concede goals it's always because you made mistakes.

But then I saw a team that wanted to fight. But we probably missed some quality.

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