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Texas Tour 2014 picture gallery: Hendrie hits the heights in Dallas

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Texas Tour 2014 picture gallery: Hendrie hits the heights in Dallas

Lee Hendrie conquered his fear of heights in Dallas as he paid a visit to the magnificent Reunion Tower.

Hendrie admitted before the trip that he didn't relish the magnitude of tall buildings.

But the former midfield ace didn't let that put him off as he made his way to the top - that's 470 feet or an elevator ride of 68 seconds or 837 steps in a stairwell.

Check out our exclusive picture gallery.

Reunion Tower was ranked in The Dallas Morning News Guide's "Top 10 Jaunts" and is one of the best-known buildings in the city's skyline.

One of the best features of the Reunion Tower is The GeO-Deck, which has something for everyone - the foodies, the fashionistas, adventure seekers or sightseers.

The new GeO-Deck is full of engaging innovations, including an interactive digital display named the "Halo," high powered zoom telescopes, walls and ceilings highlighted with colour-changing lights and a floor designed as a stylized map of the city.

Hendrie was given a tour of the complex, where a guide explained about the city and why the Reunion Tower is an integral part of it.

Hendrie then showed off his skills at the top, much to the delight of gathered guests, who clearly are getting more into soccer after the impressive showing of USA in the World Cup.

Check out our exclusive picture gallery.

By @AVFCOfficial 22nd July 2014
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