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Albrighton: Exciting Robinson can give us the wow factor

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Albrighton: Exciting Robinson can give us the wow factor


Marc Albrighton believes Callum Robinson will get claret and blue fans off their seats with excitement in the coming years - as he backed the striker to open his senior account sooner rather than later.

Albrighton says that Robinson has the wow factor - the ability to electrify supporters with his confident approach and insatiable appetite for goals.

He believes the reception Robinson received when he came off the bench for his top-flight debut will have given him a real shot in the arm.

And he thinks the young forward must keep focused and stay positive as he looks to make an impact in the weeks, months and years ahead.

He said: "Coming off the bench was a fantastic moment for Callum. And he deserved it.

"He's a great lad and a good character around the place. Most important of all though, he's a great player.

"He has the potential to be whatever he wants.

"The fans were excited to see him. You could see that by the crowd's reaction when he came on.

"He's worked his socks off in training. He's done brilliantly in the reserves. It was great to see him out there.

"He's exciting to watch. He has the sort of game that will get supporters on the edge of their seats - and off their seats.

"He definitely has a goal in him too so I think he will score his first senior goal sooner rather than later.

"That will give him a buzz when it happens but before that, the reception he received will keep him going!

"He will never forget that feeling of putting his shirt on, walking to the side of the pitch and getting a huge ovation. It will have amazed him, I think.

"Later that night, long after the game has finished, he will have been reliving it in his mind with a smile on his face.

"It's such a great feeling to be told you're coming on for your Premier League debut. It's one he will never forget and the way he was welcomed will have stood out for him.

"One of his first touches flew into the stands - and the supporters still applauded him. He can't do anything wrong at the moment!

"He just needs to keep his head down, keep working hard and listen to the advice of the manager and the coaching staff. If he does that, he will do well.

"He knows he still has a long way to go before he's the finished article and I am sure the manager will be careful with how he uses him but long-term as he progresses I think he can do well for us."

Albrighton thinks Robinson has all the attributes to be successful - on and off the pitch.

He added: "He has so much going for him. On the pitch, he's lively. He will keep defenders on their toes, he will chase them down, he is quick, he has some good tricks and he's certainly got a goal in him. He's got all the attributes to be a top striker.

"Off the pitch, he's a real cheeky character. He's bouncy around the place. He has a swagger. It's certainly not arrogance. It's a good confidence.

"It's important to keep that swagger. It's about not being overawed in and around the first team. You have to feel like you belong and you deserve to be there.

"Callum knows he deserves to be there. He's there on merit."

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