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#AskBennett: Joe on Timberlake, Alba, Robinson and Luna's beard

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#AskBennett: Joe on Timberlake, Alba, Robinson and Luna's beard

Joe Bennett is the latest player to take part in our #Ask series.

The questions have come from Twitter and Facebook and the left-back's answers are below.

Q] Who is your football hero?
Submitted: @CarterBrough [Twitter]

JB: I'd have to say David Beckham.

That's for what he did on the pitch and what he continues to do off it too.

He's a role model to millions of people around the world.

He was a top-class professional who gave his all on the pitch and the way he conducts himself off the pitch - as a businessman and an ambassador for charities - is to be applauded.

Q] Are you aware you have the best haircut in the Barclays Premier League?
Submitted: Jamie Coleman [Facebook]

JB: I wouldn't dream of saying that about myself - but if someone else wants to, that's no problem.

I tend to just slick it back for games with gel.


Q] Who is your sporting inspiration?
Submitted: @HeartoftheHolte [Twitter]

JB: I watch all sort of sports. I love tennis particularly, though.

I like Roger Federer. I'd have to pick him as a sporting idol.

He's been prolific in the grand slams for so many years but, importantly, he's a nice guy off the court too.

He carries himself well as a proper, normal person. He has no front about him.

He's like David Beckham - he doesn't cause any fuss off the court and he's a role model for kids.

Q] What is your proudest moment at Villa so far?
Submitted: @RhysN_AVFC [Twitter]

JB: I would have to go for my full debut.

It was against West Brom in a derby match.

It was a good atmosphere and we came behind for a 1-1 draw, which was decent.

Q] Can we get married?
Submitted: @MollySale [Twitter]

JB: Well, I haven't got a girlfriend. I am single. We'll have to see Molly.


Q] What is the first album you bought? What do you like to listen to now?
Submitted: @DeveyTwittor [Twitter]

JB: I listen to everything - R&B, dance, hip-hop, you name it.

My first album was Justin Timberlake - Justified.

It had 'Cry Me A River', 'Senorita', 'Rock Your Body' and 'Like I Love You.'

It's a great album, with loads of catchy tunes.

He's got good moves too - he can dance a bit.

Q] Do you think your performance against Chelsea was your best in claret and blue?
Submitted: @Sach_0789 [Twitter]

JB: Yes, I would say so.

The whole team played really well, though. That helped me just fit in and do my job.

It was one of my first games back after injury and Ryan couldn't play against his parent club.

Q] What's your favourite thing about being at Villa?
Submitted: @DanielEMay [Twitter]

JB: The fact it's such a massive club with great fans.

Villa Park is an unbelievable stadium and it's buzzing every matchday.

It's nice to play in front of the supporters.

Bodymoor Heath is exceptional too - it has great facilities.

Everything about the club is just class.


Q] Who's your celebrity crush?
Submitted: @DanisAWolf [Twitter]

I'd go for Jessica Alba. She's beautiful. She's got a lovely face and a great body. And she's a top actress too!

Q] Who cuts your hair? I like it!
Submitted: @PaulLovesBeer [Twitter]

JB: What's with the obsession with my hair?

I'll give my hairdresser a shout-out. He'll love that. His name is Paul and his Twitter account is @VaVaGroom.

I just go short, back and sides - and have a play on top.

Q] When you score your first goal, have you got a celebration planned?
Submitted: @AdzW90 [Twitter]

JB: It's got to better than Matt Lowton's at Stoke! He didn't know what he was doing.

It would be spur of the moment celebration if I scored.

To be fair, Andi Weimann nicked my celebration with his goal against Man City.I would have liked to have done that but he's took it already.

To score in front of the Holte End too? That would be a real thrill.


Q] Who is the best player you have played with and against?
Submitted: @EddWalsh [Twitter]

JB: The best I have played with is Gaizka Mendieta.

He was unbelievable. He won a host of awards back in the day.

On the ball, he was just unbelievable.

In terms of players I have come up against, I would say Eden Hazard. I played against him for Chelsea the other week.

On the ball, he's so sharp. He's fast too. And he's actually very strong when you consider his size.

That was a tough test. You have to keep your concentration levels so high against players like that - as you do every week, of course.

Q] Do you see yourself as a potential left winger in the future?
Submitted: @DanBardell [Twitter]

JB: Not really.

I see myself as a left-back who can fill in at left midfield if needed.

I have played further forward for Middlesbrough before I came to Villa - and back in the day I was a striker when I was a lot younger.

Long-term it's obviously left-back for me.

I know I still have to improve but that will come with work and experience.

Q] Who are the up and coming players at Villa?
Submitted: Steven Price [Facebook]

JB: Callum Robinson, undoubtedly.

For his age, he's a big lad, he's good on the ball, he's sharp and he's confident too.

He has great belief in himself and he's not scared to take people on. He has no fear.

He can flourish here. The manager wouldn't be putting him on the bench if he didn't think he could do a job. He's a good player who will only improve.

He's a really nice guy too, very down-to-earth.


Q] Are you jealous of Antonio Luna's beard?
Submitted: Alex Brown [Facebook]

JB: I am actually.

I can't grow a beard, as you can see. I only have the usual bum fluff around the chin. It's also quiet patchy, which is obviously very disappointing.

I am jealous! Antonio has the best beard at the club by far! By a mile!

Q] What's your favourite film? Who's your favourite actor?
Submitted: Adam Pearson

JB: I have two favourite actors - Leonardo Di Caprio and Denzel Washington.

I only found out after the Oscars that Leonardo has never won one. I couldn't believe it - he's a top, top actor and has done some quality films.

My favourite movie, though, stars Clive Owen and it's called Inside Man.

It's a great film about a bank robbery. Jodie Foster is in too. I'd recommend it.

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