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From the Archives: Villa interupted by breakdancing badger

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From the Archives: Villa interupted by breakdancing badger


It is not just players and managers that get caught up in the heat of a matchday.

The sight of an excitable mascot often provides the crowd with plenty of amusement - although sometimes our furry friends are prone to slightly over stepping the mark.

A clash between Villa and Saturday's opponents Fulham provided one of the most memorable examples of a mascot falling foul of the rules.

Back in February 2008, the Cottagers' Billy the Badger found out that it is not just players that can end up on the wrong side of authority.

Billy had belatedly started his half-time breakdance routine on the Craven Cottage pitch - oblivious to the fact that both sets of players were in position ready for the start of the second period.

The performance was interrupted by referee Chris Foy, who proceeded to give the hapless badger his marching orders and escort him off the field.

Breakdancing Billy later issued an apology to Mr Foy through Fulham's official website, pointing to the fact that badgers are short-sighted and hard of hearing.

"I apologise to Mr Foy. I'm remorseful of my impromptu antics at the Villa game but badgers are hard of hearing and short of sight," he said.

"Had I known that he was about to blow his whistle, I wouldn't have begun the break-dance routine."

Unfortunately for Villa, the mascot's misdemeanour didn't hamper the Cottagers, who went on to win the game 2-1 thanks to second half goals from Simon Davies and Jimmy Bullard.

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