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Villa Ladies: Worst dancer? Best trainer? Skipper gives verdict

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Villa Ladies: Worst dancer? Best trainer? Skipper gives verdict

Villa Ladies captain Dani Petrovic lifted the lid on her team-mates this week.

In a light-hearted Q&A, the skipper talked about her playing pals in various categories, ahead of their first season in the Women's Super League 2 this term, starting in April.


Carly Davies.

She always has something to say about something. She's always chipping in.

She has an opinion on absolutely everything.


Our first team coach, Karl Fellows. It's got to be him.

When he joins our sessions, he thinks he's brilliant.

He's not. He's absolutely hopeless.


I'd have to say Sherry McCue.

She's a perfectionist. She wants everyone to do everything right.

If we're doing fitness drills, she demands that everyone touches the lines - she has that sort of mentality.

She has a real professional approach to her football.

Sherry is a great player. She will be very important for us this season.

She has done great on the international stage too these past few years.

She plays for England U23s at the moment. If there's anyone who can make it to the seniors, it's her.



Chick Ferguson [above] and Emma Follis are both very pacy.

But I will go for Chick as she's rapid when she gets going.


Natalie Gibson!

She got told a couple of seasons ago that she had to move her arms more. She was told this would help with her speed on the pitch.

It's been a long-standing joke ever since.

She's not known for her pace. But when she gets going, all the girls shout 'arms' at her.



I'd go for Emma Follis [above].

She's so good with the ball at her feet. She has great technique.

And when she beats someone, she comes back to take them on again. She's that sort of player.

She's very talented.


There's two - Jade Richards and Sherry McCue. It's a tie. I can't separate them.

Jade is a big unit so she intimidates the opponents.

Sherry is the opposite - she's small but she will face up to anyone regardless of the size. It doesn't matter if they're several feet taller than her.

She's so competitive. She's so eager. If anyone rattles her, it doesn't matter. She has no qualms about going at them.

You have to rein her in.



Erin Vaughan [above] without a doubt.

She's so wooden!

We are all close in the squad and we like to have a festive do and an end of season do. That's when the bad dancing can be seen!


I'd have to say Carly Davies - well she think she'll be a future boss. She thinks she knows everything.

She's a coach so we start calling her 'Coach Carly' when she gets up on her high-horse.



Chloe Jones [above]!

She's as glam on the pitch as she is off it. She takes great pride in her appearance.

Whenever she comes to football whether it's training or matches, she likes to look good. All the time!


Dani Petrovic.

I have good banter. Enough said!

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By @AVFCOfficial 28th March 2014
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