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Skipper Vlaar on why it's good that he keeps on tweeting

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Skipper Vlaar on why it's good that he keeps on tweeting


Ron Vlaar says he will keep on tweeting - to give fans a feel for the mood within the camp.

Fans enjoy checking out Vlaar's vibe as he takes to his digital device after games.

Captain Vlaar gave his immediate views after the Newcastle loss, saying: "I'm sorry for this result, unnecessary."

But he also took to his mobile on the conclusion of the Norwich victory to tell supporters: "Massive win! We all needed this. Came back in the game after a bad start with some great goals. Three points, all that matters."

As the skipper, he admits this sort of feedback is easy and helps keep a close connection between players and fans.

He said: "I enjoy using Twitter.

"We are football players and we are in the spotlight every day. The fans adore the players.

"I always try to connect a little bit with them. It's good for them to know we are human beings, we have families like them and we feel the joy and despair like them after games.

"It's always easy to tweet after a win but it's not so easy when you lose. I always try to give my feelings of the dressing room to connect a little bit.

"I want the supporters to know that we care.

"Footballers aren't as close to the fans in daily life nowadays like they were in perhaps the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

"So this is a chance to let them know that what happens during the 90 minutes means ever such a lot to us too. They might not realise that. But I like to show them.

"It's the same with the matchday programme column I write. It's a way of communicating with supporters."

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