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Carew on why belief is so key to frontman Benteke

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Carew on why belief is so key to frontman Benteke


John Carew says he thrived on belief when he donned the claret and blue of Villa - and he thinks current hitman Christian Benteke is exactly the same.

Carew admits he's a massive fan of Benteke, who has wowed in B6 since his arrival.

Carew says that belief is key for any striker - and he sees Benteke with renewed confidence since scoring against Arsenal, Liverpool and West Brom.

He thinks that will carry Benteke on to big things between now and the end of the season.

He said: "Christian is very strong. He came in and had an excellent season last time.

"The second season is always more difficult than the first one. There are more expectations and you need to live up to what you did in the first one.

"It has been hard for him and he has had some injuries but he is still working and still trying and he is getting back in shape now and back to scoring goals now.

"He is definitely going to be a big player for the club in the closing weeks.

"Strikers thrive on belief and confidence. They are like that.

"We work on confidence and the good feeling and getting into games with a lot of strength and positivity.

"You need to believe that everything you touch will go into the net because it is all about believing.

"When you have the best confidence whatever happens - even if you miskick the ball - you believe it is going to go into the net.

"It is all about believing that you are going to score."

Carew is optimistic for Villa in the final matches of the campaign - and the future.

He added: "We are in the middle of the table and the team is that good right now.

"I am happy if we are around there. Everybody should be happy with that for now and then look for some improvement next season.

"If we finished around those positions this season I will be satisfied.

"I don't think we will be caught up near the bottom because we have a good amount of points now and we have learned from last season as well.

"We have improved from last season. But we need to have patience. The team will improve and get stronger if we continue to build each season."

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By @AVFCOfficial 15th February 2014
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