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Lambert: We're all singing from the same hymnsheet

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Lambert: We're all singing from the same hymnsheet


Paul Lambert believes Villa have the chance of a successful future - because he and the board are "singing from the same hymnsheet."

Lambert admits he is thrilled with the support of Randy Lerner and Paul Faulkner in backing his claret and blue roadmap.

Lambert is a firm believer that trust is an essential quality in the makeup of a forward-thinking football club.

He is confident he has that faith and conviction at the top with the chairman and chief executive.

He said: "The progress we have made since the last West Ham game, for example, is night and day.

"The whole thing is totally different. A lot of the work has probably gone unseen.

"But in the long-term, it will benefit the club. That's the most important thing.

"We have moved on considerably.

"If you get a club that wants to give the manager time to do it, it will benefit the club in the long-run.

"People might not see it at the time. But continuity certainly benefits you.

"It can be hard in the short-term that's for sure - really, really hard.

"But, if you have a project, you have to have a buy into it, in the way the chairman has.

"You have to deliver that vision. The good thing with this club is that everyone sings off the same hymnsheet.

"Randy and Paul see the vision and what's happened - the work behind the scenes in what we're trying to do.

"You have to see people at the top seeing the vision and backing it.

"Randy has been fantastic with that.

"He knows what's happened and where we're trying to go. He's backed it and been excellent.

"The chairman has been great, really supportive. When it was ropey, he was really supportive. This season, he's been excellent with me.

"We are sitting at the top of a group fighting like everyone else at the minute. There are a lot of teams who'd like to be where we are."

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By @AVFCOfficial 6th February 2014
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