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Weimann on how he's following in Gareth Barry's footsteps

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Weimann on how he's following in Gareth Barry's footsteps


Andi Weimann says he is happy to be Villa's 'Mr Versatile'.

Weimann played in the hole as a No.10 on Saturday against Everton.

Previously this term, he has also played on the right and on the left in a front three and as one of a front two.

That shows the adaptability of the young forward - and he insists he's happy to play anywhere because first, it helps the team and second, he develops as a player.

He said: "I am more than happy to play anywhere.

"I have played virtually everywhere in the forward positions on the pitch this season.

"I have played on the left, on the right, through the middle and in the hole.

"As long as I am on the pitch, I don't mind where I play.

"I am a player who can adapt. I take things on very quickly.

"At the weekend, I played as a No.10 and you have to work more defensively and help the two midfielders out. If you play out wide, you have to work up and down the pitch.

"I really don't mind. I can adapt to any position.

"Look at Gareth Barry. He played a number of positions before he properly settled in central midfield.

"You develop as a player the more roles you're asked to play. Your education as a player improves. You understand the details of different positions more, which is a big help for the team and you as a player.

"For the manager too, it must be good to have someone you can rely on to move and adapt when injuries kick-in."

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