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El Ahmadi on why the Villa front three are so dangerous

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El Ahmadi on why the Villa front three are so dangerous


Karim El Ahmadi says Villa's front three are up there with the very best in the Barclays Premier League.

El Ahmadi insists that the cutting edge of Christian Benteke, Andreas Weimann and Gabby Agbonlahor ensures Villa are never down and out in any game.

The midfield ace likes the different attributes each player brings to the side - Benteke's power, Weimann's industry and Agbonlahor's pace.

He thinks they all add up to a potent formula for success going-forward.

He said: "They are very dangerous players, individually and collectively.

"When you look at the games we have played this season, if you win the ball and get it to them, they can cause all kinds of problems.

"They are undoubtedly one the most dangerous forward lines in the Premier League.

"They all have different attributes - Christian is powerful, Andi works very hard and Gabby is so fast. They give us real cutting edge up front.

"But they all score goals. If you are losing in games, you know you will have chances with those three in the team.

"The game is never over because they can score in an instant to get you back into it.

"If we defend well and keep it very tight, we know at the other end we will score goals. The last few weeks have been very encouraging in that regard. They all played very big roles at Anfield.

"They create chances for each other but also for themselves. They have that quality. And they are always positive, looking for openings. It's great to have them up front."

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