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Business chief on why Villa hospitality is "in a league of its own"

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Business chief on why Villa hospitality is "in a league of its own"


Villa's customer service has been hailed as exemplary by a top business chief in Birmingham.

Jerry Blackett, chief executive of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, praised the club's professionalism in a column in the Birmingham Post.

Blackett was impressed with the standard of service on hand in the "impressive" Trinity Road Stand as he enjoyed hospitality at the Villa v Swansea game during the festive season.

He said the quality was "in a league of its own."

What struck him most was that there was no direct correlation between the stress of matchday - in terms of the team's performance and result - and the quality of engagement between staff and customers off the pitch.

He spoke of the club "giving their guests the best experience they could."

He said: "There is a massive part of the customer experience that cannot be guaranteed - the results on the field.

"Arriving at the ground, I was braced for the customer experience being an uncomfortable one - surely the tension of the day would result in a subdued day out?

"It was the very opposite! Every member of the Villa matchday staff focused entirely on giving their guests just the best experience they could.

"Contrast this challenge with delivering hospitality at Disneyland. Their employees are top performers but know the product - the rides - can be relied upon completely.

"Ensuring customers get a Disney-level experience even when the product is unreliable puts the Villa hospitality team in a different league!

"The drive, commitment and professionalism of the young, local people who mostly make up the service team left a lasting impression.

"As did the standard of food, which is almost exclusively locally sourced, originating within a 40-mile radius of Villa Park.

"As an example of what makes our region unique, Villa is a valuable institution in the heart of Birmingham."

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By @AVFCOfficial 16th January 2014
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