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Homemade honey adding to Restaurant VMF allotment buzz

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Homemade honey adding to Restaurant VMF allotment buzz

There is a buzz at Restaurant VMF over the production of the club's homemade honey.

Villa's allotment - located only a mile from Villa Park - has been a hive of activity, with ingredients harvested to service VMF and other popular eateries around Birmingham.

Among the great revelations of the allotment project have been the harvesting of honey and a sweet chilli sauce made from our greenhouse chillies, both of which are now on sale at Restaurant VMF.

With the help of the Roots and Renewal Foundation, who play a pivotal role in managing the allotment, the club have maintained an apiary.

The bee hives are looked after by allotment manager Dr Bob Tyler, who has bred a disease-resistant strain of bees which no longer require insecticide or other medication to survive.

"When you are watching a home match in summer and a bee flies over, it is probably collecting nectar for your honey ice cream in Restaurant VMF," said Dr Tyler.

"Our bees are managed in a sustainable way without medication or added sugar.


"We only take the excess honey from each hive, using cold extraction by centrifuge to maintain the maximum flavour."

A limited supply of homemade Restaurant VMF honey and sweet chilli sauce is available to purchase from the restaurant now.

Priced at £5 for a 1lb jar of honey and £3 for a jar of sweet chilli, the homemade produce could make perfect Christmas stocking fillers.

Proceeds will be donated to Roots and Renewal in support of their Growing for Goals project to maintain our allotment.

Find out more information about Restaurant VMF, which is currently ranked No.1 on Trip Advisor.

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