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Weimann: Big Sunderland win made me realise how lucky I am

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Weimann: Big Sunderland win made me realise how lucky I am


Andreas Weimann says the big 6-1 win over Sunderland was the best game he's ever played in - and made him realise the true majesty of Villa Park.

Weimann scored the second goal as Villa put down a very real marker in the race for survival against one of their major rivals.

The 22-year-old says the victory was huge and the final whistle gave him a chance to look around the crowd and drink in the awesome atmosphere.

He said: "It was the best game I have played in. It stands out above the rest.

"It finished 6-1 and you certainly don't see that every week!

"It was a night game too which made it even more special and the fans were really excited.

"We spurred them on with our performance and they pushed us on with their support. It was the perfect mix really.

"It was a big game. It was very close at the foot of the table at the time.

"We scored and then they equalised soon after. That could have knocked us out of our stride but it didn't.

"I came up with the second, which was a great feeling, then the second half felt like every shot was a goal. We just kept on playing till the very end. That was a big win for us.

"We beat everyone we needed to beat in that period of the season. We beat QPR, Reading, Norwich and others. The gaffer told us that he thought we were due to pick up a big win because of the way we were performing. He just said keep going every week.

"It's nights like that, playing well and with the crowd right behind you, that you realise how lucky you are to play at Villa Park. It's just one of the best grounds to play at.

"Villa Park has everything. It has the fantastic pitch, it has the fabulous history but it's a great venue too. The pitch is perfect.

"Whenever you hear other managers or players talking about playing at Villa Park, they always say they're looking forward to it because it's viewed so highly.

"For us, it's brilliant to call it our home stadium."

Weimann is eyeing another win this weekend although he certainly doesn't expect another 6-1.

He added: "It will be a very different test this time around. Sunderland have a different manager and new players too. It will be a very tough game for us."

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