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Weimann delivers warning: I will start scoring again soon

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Weimann delivers warning: I will start scoring again soon


Andreas Weimann is confident he will start banging in the goals again very soon.

Weimann is acutely aware that he's only scored one Barclays Premier League effort so far this season, his winner against Man City.

But he's not losing a moment's sleep as he's supremely secure in his abilities.

Determined Weimann, fighting to be fit for the Baggies derby, believes one decisive effort could herald a glut of goals.

He said: "I have been playing okay. I've certainly been getting chances. I just feel I have been on a run where I have been a bit unlucky where I haven't been able to finish.

"Every striker goes through phases like that. It's natural. It's part of the game. You can't have everything your own way all of the time.

"I would have liked to score more in this period but I still feel I have been contributing for the team.

"If I get one goal, I feel I can go on a run. That's what you always feel and I certainly have that mindset.

"It can just set you off. Your confidence starts to rise and you feel like you can't miss.

"I just need that one goal to spark me. It could hit me on the shoulder, it could be a miskick - a goal is a goal and I think it will kickstart my season.

"I certainly don't feel low. If you miss a chance you feel down immediately afterwards but it's about keeping your spirits up and believing in yourself. I have plenty of confidence so I will just keep doing the right things and something will fall for me.

"I know I can score goals. I do it in training every day. I just have to keep going.

"Perhaps defenders know a bit more about me this season. Last term was my first proper season. They didn't know much about me. But all the talk at the start of this season was our front three - with Christian and Gabby too - because we gelled towards the end of the season.

"But I am still getting the chances. That's all I am bothered about.

"I will start scoring soon. I know it. I am not worried at all. I am getting in the right positions. I'd be more worried if I wasn't.

"I just haven't been putting them away. It will happen soon."

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By @AVFCOfficial 20th November 2013
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