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Stylish Lambert to be suited and booted with new bench look

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Stylish Lambert to be suited and booted with new bench look


Paul Lambert has revealed he will be suited and booted on the touchline this season.

Boss Lambert was asked by the press after The Emirates win why he wasn't wearing his usual football gear on the sidelines.

Lambert told the waiting media that, despite his young managerial age, he felt he was too old to be donning training ground apparel on the bench.

He joked: "I'll probably try to get sponsorship for my new jumper!

"It was just something I decided to do.

"I'm getting older, I'm 44 now. I know that's relatively young at this level in the Premier League.

"But it is something I thought about. I thought I'd give it a go and see what it's like.

"It doesn't stop you jumping up and down!

"I don't model myself on anyone. I'm my own man and have my own thoughts. This is just something I've decided to do."

After several consecutive wins in the new garb, Lambert dismissed suggestions that he was being superstitious.

He added: "There's nothing in it. I'm not really superstitious. I'm not really one for that."

Lambert has already shown his meticulous side, however, when it comes to football fashion.

The manager had a big say in the design and colour of the team's training gear for the season as well as the introduction of the new white matchday anthem jacket.

This is the top worn by the players as they make their way out of the tunnel for the customary pre-match handshake.

Snap up the matchday anthem pitchside jacket.

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