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Wowed Delph: Fans should be excited about terrific Tonev

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Wowed Delph: Fans should be excited about terrific Tonev


Fabian Delph believes the fans will be wowed by the super skills of Aleksandar Tonev - just like the players are each day in training.

Delph thinks Tonev will be a big fan favourite in claret and blue because he offers "something special" in the squad - a genuine ability to play confidently with both feet.

Supporters have taken to messageboards to talk about their excitement at the silky skills of the midfield marauder - and Delph says the rest of the squad have been thoroughly impressed with his talents too.

He said: "I have been so impressed with Aleksandar.

"You rarely - if ever - get players who are two-footed in football these days. And when I say two-footed, I mean genuinely two-footed in that they are identical for him. He's great with both feet.

"He's very powerful as a player. He's strong. He's sharp. He's direct too and he gives us another genuine goal threat. He had two assists against Malaga.

"I think he will come on in leaps and bounds with the more game-time he gets.

"He must be a pleasure to watch for the fans because he's got something special.

"He can use both feet equally well, that's a big trait for him. He can go either way and he smashes shots with both feet.

"There have been a few times where he's lashed the ball into the net, the top corner, in training and I've been thrown back a bit and thought 'Wow, I didn't expect that.'

"I truly believe the fans should be excited about watching him play."

Tonev, of course, arrived in England from Bulgaria with little, if any, ability to speak the language.

Delph says it's now a different story after months of tutoring from player liaison officer Lorna McClelland.

He added: "He's settled in really well. We have a great relationship as a group of players. We're very close. We all interact with each other on and off the pitch. He's part of our group now. He's one of the lads.

"I talk to him all the time. I am trying to help him with the language but he doesn't seem to need it that much anymore.

"His English has improved so much over the last couple of months. He's done brilliantly. That's down to Lorna, our player officer.

"Give him a couple more months and I think he'll be fluent."

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