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Smiling Sylla: The fans are right - I do love the Villa!

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Smiling Sylla: The fans are right - I do love the Villa!


Yacouba Sylla says he loves his terrace chant - and stresses that it gives him more energy, passion and drive out on the pitch.

Sylla first became aware of the supporter song in pre-season and asked player liaison officer Lorna McClelland to find out more about it.

When she explained the ditty to Sylla, he was thrilled with the banter coming from the stands.

He said: "I know all about the song now and it's amazing to think the fans have taken to me as one of their own in such a short space of time.

"In reality, I have only been here for a few months so to have a song with your name in it being belted out from the crowd in the games is incredible.

"When they sing it, it gives me more energy, more passion, more drive to succeed. I already have those traits, of course, but the fact they are encouraging me pushes me even further.

"They're right too - I do love the Villa! Especially the fans. They have been great with me and great with the team.

"I remember last season, we played really well towards the end of the season and they cheered us on week after week.

"Even when we were struggling, I didn't hear one bit of criticism coming from the fans. There was nothing negative whatsoever. They were behind us all the way.

"That's what you want from fans - total support - and that's what we get from the Villa fans.

"We've already played a few games of pre-season too and their support has been strong once again. They will play a big part in our season this time too."

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By @AVFCOfficial 13th August 2013
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