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Exciting new Villa Cash reward scheme launches

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Exciting new Villa Cash reward scheme launches

Season ticket holders and corporate members can now take advantage of 'Villa Cash' - a brand new scheme designed to reward them for their unwavering support.

While STHs will continue to have free AVTV access, Villa Cash replaces the season ticket discounts, voucher book and other benefits which have been issued in the past - and gives season ticket holders the flexibility to choose their own benefits.

The scheme is based around a 'Villa Cash' balance, with all season ticket holders being issued a start up balance today of 5% of their individual season ticket price. Corporate members and box holders will be issued a start up balance of £29.75 for each corporate membership they hold.

This balance can then be spent with the club as the supporter wishes.

It can be spent all in one go, or gradually over the course of the season, on any of the following:

*Home tickets
*Soccer Schools
*Stadium tours
*Events - e.g. Christmas parties
*Matchday voucher book

Earning Villa Cash is easy.

In addition, season ticket holders and members will continue to earn more Villa Cash as they spend with the club.

Season ticket holders don't need to do a thing but every time they make a purchase and see the 'Villa Cash' earning logo, they will be adding to their balance as they spend.

* Home tickets - 5% of net spend
* Official merchandise - 10% of net spend
* Soccer Schools - 10% of net spend
* Stadium tours - 10% of net spend
* Club events - 10% of net spend

Villa Cash earnings are issued either 28 days after purchase for merchandise or for everything else, 48 hours
after the event has taken place. 'Net spend' means the total transaction value minus any Villa Cash redeemed in the transaction.

All earnings will be awarded to the purchaser of additional products rather than a season ticket
holder being able to 'allocate' or 'transfer' earnings.

To watch a video guide to the scheme, please click here

Season ticket holders will be able to check their balance at any time by visiting

For those who enjoyed the voucher books, they are available to purchase still from the Villa Store or ticket office for just £10.

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By @AVFCOfficial 1st August 2013
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