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New fan favourite Luna: Just call me Tony Moon!

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New fan favourite Luna: Just call me Tony Moon!


Antonio Luna has spoken with real affection about the fans who have already taken him to their hearts.

Luna has been thrilled with the amount of support he has received from the claret and blue army on social media sites aswell as in person during pre-season games since making the move from Spain.

Luna is already somewhat of a cult figure with the fanbase.

Supporters on messageboards have given him the nickname Tony Moon, taken from the English derivates of his name.

And his appearance has also been lauded by online fans, with supporters hailing his bearded look, not seen in B6 since the departure of colossal defenders Olof Mellberg and Carlos Cuellar.

Smiling and laughing instantly, Luna said: "I know all about the name Tony Moon. I really, really like that. I love it. It's good fun. Well done to the fans on coming up with that.

"I am so pleased about it, really delighted. I am happy to be called Tony Moon here at Villa!

"I am really pleased with my beard too and it seems the fans like it.

"I believe the last people to have one here were Olof and Carlos. If they like it, I will grow it even longer!

"All joking aside, I am so happy to be close to the supporters already considering the short time I have been here at the club. It makes me proud.

"I am very pleased that they are happy with me and they have taken me to their hearts.

"The fans have just been great. They have been so kind with me with their messages of support. I am really happy with them.

"What is important to me now is that I work to my maximum for them to show them what I can do. I will give the club and the fans everything I can.

"I am part of a team, of course. It's not just me. We are here together and lifting each other together."

Luna says that huge support has extended to the dressing room at Bodymoor Heath, where the players have been "really kind" to welcome him.

He added: "I am very happy here. I have had a great welcome from everyone at the club. It's a great feeling in the team, there's a great togetherness and I love the city.

"It's such a good city. There's only one Spanish restaurant I have found at the moment but, importantly it's really, really good!

"But the lads have been really kind. They understand that for me it's complicated because I have moved from another country and I speak another language. But I feel really good here. I already feel at home."

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By @AVFCOfficial 30th July 2013
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