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Villa in Germany verdict: Lambert focused on fitness

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Villa in Germany verdict: Lambert focused on fitness


Paul Lambert watched his team draw 1-1 with SV Rodinghausen and declared: "I'm only concerned about fitness levels."

Lambert revealed he's been working the players hard since arriving in Germany on Sunday.

The gaffer has been overseeing double sessions every day as his focus hones in on the opening day clash with Arsenal.

Lambert also stressed the need to build a determined team spirit with the 2013-14 season just around the corner.

He told AVTV: "At the moment, it's about getting game-time under the belts of the players. That's the main thing.

"We have had a hard week or so from last week, training twice a day and things like that. You have a lot of tired lads but that's how you build up your fitness.

"The weather has been hot and training has been tough for the lads. They have trained twice per day. But you have to get through it.

"That's the nature of it. You get through it and then come the first game, you're ready.

"We did a bit this morning and then played the game so it's good. The main thing for us is to build up the fitness.

"Most of them played 45 minutes so it was good. That's important. They just need to keep building that up in the coming games.

"The lads have been great since they've been back.

"The main thing for me isn't the result. It's about getting the fitness levels ready for the first game against Arsenal.

"There were some good things and things we have to improve on. But this is only our first game for a right few months. We can play well but when it starts for real, that's what matters.

"The games on Friday and Sunday will be hard too. But the main thing is the lads coming through it."

Lambert is keen to create camaraderie in camp ahead of the term opener.

He added: "You try and create the same thing as we had last season. That feeling is 'everyone together.'

"That's what we have to try and create. You do that and it takes you a long way."

Check out the manager's full post-match verdict on AVTV.

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