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Vlaar: You'll see a harder Concrete Ron this season

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Vlaar: You'll see a harder Concrete Ron this season


Ron Vlaar insists Villa will see a harder Concrete Ron this season.

Skipper Vlaar says he was immensely disappointed to miss a proportion of the previous term with hamstring and calf injuries.

He's determined to come back with a bang when the new campaign begins in August.

But, regardless of the problems he encountered, Vlaar insists he's always looking to progress and improve with every game.

He can't wait for the 2013-14 term to begin now.

He said: "I'm 28 and it wasn't an easy season and it was my first season in the Premier League and at Aston Villa, but I could do better I think.

"I expect more from myself.

"When we have a new season, I think it's going to be better.

"I'm never completely satisfied with the way I play, I always look for things to improve.

"I want to be better at organising, I want to be better in personal battles, I want to win more headers, I want to make less mistakes.

"I just need to be better.

"I think with practice you can do a lot. You train like you play so it's 100 per cent every day."

Snap up the new home shirt as worn by Vlaar.

By @AVFCOfficial 9th July 2013
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