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Guzan: Newboys are entering "exciting dressing room"

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Guzan: Newboys are entering "exciting dressing room"


Goalkeeper Brad Guzan is relishing getting to know Villa's summer recruits during the training camp in Germany - and says they are entering an exciting dressing room.

Guzan joined up with the squad on Saturday before flying out to their training base the following day.

He was joined by Jores Okore, Leandro Bacuna, Aleksandar Tonev, Niklas Helenius, Antonio Luna and Jed Steer.

Guzan can't wait to bond with the newboys during the week-long camp.

Villa's ace stopper thinks the six lads will settle quickly due to the already-amazing atmosphere in the squad.

He said: "It will be good out in Germany. I am really looking forward to it.

"I can't wait to spend some time with the newboys and help them get integrated into the squad and also for us to get to know them too. That will be good.

"We will work really hard in training and play three games. That will be a good start to the pre-season.

"The training camp is vital for both bonding and fitness. It gives you a chance to see the guys all the time.

"You eat your meals together - breakfast, lunch and dinner - you train and you play games.

"It's important that we spend that time getting to know each other on and off the pitch.

"The newboys are coming into an exciting dressing room.

"Off the pitch, we have good banter and good laughs. We are a really tight knit group of players who enjoy the company of each other.

"On the field, it's about working hard, being committed, helping each other and doing our utmost for this great football club.

"We are very much about picking up the guy next to you if he's down, offering encouragement and sticking together and getting after it.

"We feel like a special family - we have that family feel in the dressing room.

"That's big for us because there will be times during the season when things aren't going our way.

"You'll have people doubting you and you're then going to look around the dressing room and you're going to need every single one of them in there to pull together and stay strong for each other.

"We have that camaraderie and that bond. The newboys will feel that and become part of it very quickly. That helps us massively as a squad of players."

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By @AVFCOfficial 8th July 2013
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