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Delph Week: Delph - Westwood's step-up has been outrageous

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Delph Week: Delph - Westwood's step-up has been outrageous


Fabian Delph has hailed Ashley Westwood for making three huge jumps to establish himself as a quality top-flight midfielder.

Delph has seen Westwood climb the divisions - League Two to Premier League - in one huge stride.

Delph says that is an "outrageous step-up".

But he's not surprised by it having seen the skills of Westwood early-on in training, spotting instantly all the traits you need to star in the central ground.

He said: "Ashley has been terrific.

"I was in a similar position from him when I joined Villa. He helped Crewe to promotion from League Two to League One before joining us.

"So basically he has come from League Two to the Premier League which, on paper, is a ridiculous step-up. It's huge.

"But he's not looked out of place in any game. He's not looked out of place in any minute of any game.

"He's only going to get better for us. He's great to play with too. We have a good understanding.

"We communicate on the pitch and we get on really well off the pitch too. It's great to play with him.

"His running stats are very good. He digs in and works hard, he gets about the pitch, he's good on the ball, he's got composure, he can mix it up, he can go forward, he can work back - he's just a great player.

"He's come from a very tough division. We both know what it's like to play in those lower divisions.

"You know that if the guy next to you is not up for the fight, you're in trouble. We're both up for the fight in that middle ground.

"We have a good understanding too, which is very important."

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