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Seasonal Hospitality 2013-14: Enjoy our Redefined packages

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Seasonal Hospitality 2013-14: Enjoy our Redefined packages

Villa have always been noted for supreme hospitality but there is no question our attractive offering has been redefined these past twelve months.

We have broken new ground in an industry now working hard at sustainability.

We didn't follow the crowd. We led the way in developing pioneering ways to initiate best practice with trade chiefs and vital clients.

Look at our extensive work with sustainability.

There is local procurement - all catering suppliers are from the surrounding area.

There is allotment development - expanding our site and extending our product range.

There is our waste management plan - a comprehensive programme run alongside environmental experts.

There is our carbon neutral status - a highly-recognised award for work in the field.

Our food has always been regarded as delicious and delightful - with Restaurant VMF the No.1 eatery in Birmingham via Trip Advisor - but that doesn't mean we have simply rested on our laurels.

We have redefined our offering with new menus, aimed at enchanting the palate of guests.

Our packages have also been well-received for many years but, once again, that doesn't stop us looking to progress and improve.

After extensive work to gain the opinion of customers, we have redefined our packages, giving better variety to the clients we care deeply about.

Overall, we are focused on making a difference and delivering an even better experience - Hospitality Redefined.

To find out more call 0800 612 0960 [option one] or visit our hospitality website.

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By @AVFCOfficial 4th June 2013
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