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Wigan v Villa: Petrov - It will be funny to see my face on 4,000 fans

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Wigan v Villa: Petrov - It will be funny to see my face on 4,000 fans


Stan Petrov has thanked supporters for organising 'Stan Petrov Day' for the game against Wigan.

Almost 4,000 supporters will wear face masks of Petrov on Sunday to honour their former skipper who has retired from football after being struck down by acute leukaemia.

Petrov admitted it was funny to hear of the tribute afternoon on the final day of the season but stressed he was honoured to hear of the fun-filled festivities.

He told AVTV: "I have seen the masks. They look nothing like me at the moment!

"It's really funny. It will be funny and weird to see my face on 4,000 other people.

"I will really enjoy it. It will be even more enjoyable because we're safe now. The fans will go and enjoy it and I'm sure I will too."

Petrov chatted days after he led an "incredible and emotional" lap of appreciation following the Chelsea game.

He added: "I was surprised I was able to hold my tears. I was almost there.

"It was so emotional saying bye. I was nervous.

"When I walked on the pitch and the fans were there with their posters singing my name it was incredible.

"I had a great day and it was perfect."

Petrov chatted in-depth to AVTV this week on a wide range of claret and blue topics.

Watch the full interview with Petrov now.

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Watch the full interview with Petrov now.

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