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Lambert - Players are drawing inspiration from our ferocious fans

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Lambert - Players are drawing inspiration from our ferocious fans


Paul Lambert says his players are drawing inspiration from their ferocious fans in this final run-in.

Lambert has long heralded the contribution of supporters in bonding with B6 playing heroes.

And he believes this is happening big-time as the club aim to finish the season on a high.

He described the atmosphere in the wonder win over Sunderland as "extraordinary" and said the fans and players have a "special bond."

He thinks that will continue when Villa visit Norwich.

Lambert said: "Players and supporters are the key band of people at any football club and there is no question that ours are bouncing off each other to positive effect.

"That has been the way throughout the campaign and the team will continue to draw inspiration from the crowd and vice-versa during these final games.

"At the heart of every big performance is an equally massive contribution from the crowd. You need the crowd always.

"The way the lads played on Monday night and the atmosphere, everything, the game, the night...everything was just extraordinary for us.

"We played against a team that had been going well but on that given night, we were exceptional.

"We had to try and win the game which we did do. The bonus was the way we played, the goals we scored and the atmosphere in the stadium was electric.

"One of the biggest things is the crowd with the team. They have a really incredible rapport with each other. When you have that, it stands you in great stead.

"It's a big thing for me - the crowd and team bouncing off each other. It's vital especially with the size of the crowd we have.

"If you have that, then you have a foothold in it. It's about getting the crowd on your side, even in adverse times. They run with it. They see it.

"I think the crowd and the players at the moment have a special thing going. That can take you a long way.

"They will now go down there in their thousands and if they are anything like what they were in the cup game, they will make some noise that's for sure.

"We will take a ferocious support down there."

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By @AVFCOfficial 2nd May 2013
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