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Lambert: Petrov fight for survival offers perspective

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Lambert: Petrov fight for survival offers perspective


Paul Lambert believes the ferocious fight for life that Stan Petrov has waged puts everything into perspective.

Petrov announced this week in an exclusive club interview that he's over the worst of his battle against acute leukaemia as he settles down to a normal life.

Lambert spoke of his delight at the news - but also the sobering thoughts that go through his mind when he ponders the pain Petrov has gone through these past twelve months.

He admits he can't imagine the level of suffering the club captain has had to endure in his health struggles.

As Villa go to Man Utd hunting three points, he believes Petrov's scrap for survival makes you appreciate the bigger picture.

Lambert said: "I think it's great, first and foremost - and I think he's said it himself - that he's going to lead a normal life, which is great.

"I don't think anyone can visualise what he's gone through other than the people who have had the illness.

"It's a great testament. How he's done it, I don't know. I can't imagine the things he's been through and the feelings he's had.

"It's great first and foremost he's here. That puts everything into perspective.

"The 19th minute, from home and away fans, is excellent. Everyone takes part in it.

"I have known him since he was 19 when I first played with him. Never in a million years would I have though this would have happened to him because of how fit he was.

"Thankfully, he's doing great. He did a bit of training with the fitness lads the other day. It's great that he's on that road."

Lambert admits the players love seeing Petrov in and around the training ground because of his plucky personality.

And he believes the lads, in their quieter moments, reflect on his titanic tussle with the cruel disease.

He added: "I think when he comes into the building, I'm pretty sure everyone will have a thought in their head about what he's been through. That puts everything into perspective.

"But he comes here and the lads love to see him, which is really nice."

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By @AVFCOfficial 19th April 2013
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