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Lambert not assessing survival progress on flipchart

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Lambert not assessing survival progress on flipchart


Paul Lambert insists there's little point plotting where the vital points will come from in the remaining games of the season because of the unpredictable nature of football.

Pundits envisage managers with their flipcharts highlighting the matches they should win, lose and draw as each campaign continues apace - particularly in the closing weeks of the season.

But Lambert says this is a misleading myth because games - especially crunch ones - don't always go to plan.

He said: "No I don't do that. Because I know what football is like.

"I am sure that 99% thought we wouldn't win at Stoke and 99% thought we would beat Fulham.

"Football is so unpredictable. You have no divine right to win games, no matter who you are. But we are playing well.

"There will be loads of twists and turns right to the death. That's why football is such an unpredictable game.

"You look at the fixtures. There's not an easy game. Every game you play is extremely tough.

"Every game is hard. But every game you can take something from. That's why football is such an unpredictable game.

"On any given day you will take points from somebody. Some games you will pick up three points where you weren't expected to take anything."

Fans are set to have heart palpitations each week as they check out the results of other teams in the basement battle as the term comes to a close.

But Lambert stresses that he's only interested in the fortunes of the claret and blues.

He continued: "You have to look at your own house. There's no point looking at anything else."

Lambert also says his players will not be consumed by nerves in the closing weeks of the campaign because they are used to this battle for survival.

He added: "We have been used to this position for a long time now.

"There are people in it now who haven't been in it.

"Sometimes the nerves and pressure can hurt you more than anything else. We are certainly used to performing like this.

"I don't think the lads will be consumed by nerves because we have been down there.

"Other teams, new to it, are getting sucked into it. That will be more nerve-wracking."

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By @AVFCOfficial 19th April 2013
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