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Villa 3-2 QPR: Humble Guzan - I was simply doing my job

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Villa 3-2 QPR: Humble Guzan - I was simply doing my job


Brad Guzan downplayed the fervour surrounding his exemplary display in the win over QPR, calmly insisting: "I just played my part."

Guzan was his usual modest self post-match as he faced the cameras of Sky, BBC and AVTV.

And in all three video interviews, he spoke humbly about his own role in the fantastic 3-2 victory.

He said: "It was a massive result for us and as a goalkeeper you try to play your part and make some saves. Fortunately I was able to do that.

"As a goalkeeper you are going to be called upon, whether it's the first minute or the ninetieth minute. You have to be ready.

"I was able to keep them out in the first half but the effort in the second half from the guys was massive.

"It's one of those where you continue to try and help the guys in front of you stay in the game.

"That's part of the job of a goalkeeper. You have to give your team the chance to be successful and get a result.

"I thought going in at half-time 1-1 was definitely huge for us. Everyone knows you don't want to concede minutes before half-time or minutes into a half.

"You want to be solid during that period. But the goal gave us a lift and probably took a bit out of them.

"It was important we started the second half well and found some goals. I thought we played some really good football."

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By @AVFCOfficial 17th March 2013
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