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Cult Heroes: Lee Hendrie Q&A - #AskHendrie

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Cult Heroes: Lee Hendrie Q&A - #AskHendrie

Villa's Cult Heroes feature continues with an exclusive Q&A with former star midfielder Lee Hendrie.

Each month a claret and blue icon - player, former player or celebrity fan - will be put forward for questioning.

Fans will be able to send in their teasers for the star name using Twitter, with questions collected together under the specific hashtag for that month.

The most interesting posers will be put to the guest and the answers will be posted on soon after.

We have seen Wilfred Bouma, John Gregory, Brian Little, Kent Nielsen and Stan Collymore take part so far.

Next up is Villa fan Hendrie, who served the club well for more than a decade and became one of a select band of players to make 300 appearances in claret and blue.

You can now get your claret and blue questions into Hendrie via Twitter under the hashtag #AskHendrie.

Deadline is Wednesday March 6 and his answers will be posted here on Friday March 8.

You can also get your questions in via email.

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