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Lambert: I'm a bad loser, I hurt but I'm up for the fight

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Lambert: I'm a bad loser, I hurt but I'm up for the fight


Paul Lambert says Villa's current form is hurting him but he's determined to meet the upcoming challenges head on.

Lambert describes himself as "my own biggest critic" and admits he's been hard on himself these past few weeks with results going against the team.

But he says he "won't shirk" the battle ahead - and that involves leading Villa up the top-flight table.

He said: "You mull over it. You hurt. Being a sportsman, you are competitive.

"I probably become short tempered! I'm not the best person to be around, put it that way.

"I get down when I get beat, I've never been a great loser. But you pick yourself up and go again.

"I don't wilt. If I have a problem with something I meet it face on. I've never once shirked away from an individual or a fight. I'll confront it.

"I criticise myself loads of times. I do it frequently. You always question yourself good or bad.

"But I've also got to have realism and tell myself to keep battling and keep going. No matter what people say, you have to have the belief you are right.

"You pick yourself up and there's no point in lying down and accepting it.

"If you lie down and accept it, then you've lost. You have to come out fighting. There are a lot of teams in the same predicament at the minute and have to answer the same questions."

Lambert says he chastises himself after defeats and doesn't need to hear external criticism to inspire him.

He added: "I try not to listen to it. I get down enough. I don't need someone else to tell me what I am doing right and wrong.

"I am my biggest critic. I will handle myself. I don't worry too much about what other people say.

"I know the game. I am used to it because I've been at clubs where it was really severe at certain times.

"I've never had a run quite like this as a manager, or been hit from pillar to post like this. It's an experience you take on board and you use it. It will make you better for it.

"You can't everything going your way in your managerial career every single time. Not many can have that.

"You have to take the rough with the smooth and when the rough comes you take it.

"The opportunity to come to Aston Villa was unbelievable and still is.

"It's a fantastic club. You can sense how big it is. It's huge, absolutely huge and a great honour to even be here. You go with the rough."

Lambert was talking as part of his weekly press conference with AVTV at Bodymoor Heath.

As always AVTV were on hand to record the manager's comments and you can watch the interview now.

Watch the whole interview on AVTV.

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Watch the whole interview on AVTV. 



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