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Villa matchday programme wins impressive merit award

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Villa matchday programme wins impressive merit award

Villa supporters are already aware that the club's matchday programme is among the best in the business - and that view is shared by the experts.

This season's Villa News & Record has received a merit award from the Northern Programme Club.

Neil Patterson, editor of the NPC's Independent View magazine, tells us the award is for all the hard work that has gone into consistently publishing "a magazine which is very readable and fan-friendly."

Neil says the cover is very attractive and sets the standard for the rest of the programme.

"You cannot fail to be impressed with the design, layout and diverse content," he says.

"There are certain features which could be found in last season's New and Record but there are also a number of new additions.

"From the first page to the last you can see a good mix of various features which really stand out.

"Great care and thought has gone into ensuring that the programme caters for all members of the Aston Villa community. There is something included for everyone.

"The Kid Zone is very well thought out and designed for the young Villa supporters and the striking two page colour photo of a Villa player is really exceptional.

"But my favourite part is the Villa Vault which contains a pictorial and written record of Villa's seasons in the Premier League.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading News and Record as it never fails to impress."

Subscribe to the matchday programme now.

You have have full [£66] or half [£33] subscriptions in the UK. For Europe and Worldwide, check the links below.

For details, call 0845143 0001, click here or email


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