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Millwall v Villa press conference: Lambert - I won't buckle

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Millwall v Villa press conference: Lambert - I won't buckle


Paul Lambert insists he "will not buckle" ahead of a vital set of games for Villa.

Villa are aiming to bounce back strongly from their Capital One Cup exit on Tuesday.

They face Millwall on Friday in the FA Cup and Newcastle on Tuesday in the Barclays Premier League as the boss looks for the side to turn the tide.

Instead of worrying about the upcoming programme, Lambert says he's relishing the pressure.

He told AVTV: "In a stupid a roundabout way, you thrive on the pressure. It's nothing something I worry about, the pressure. I keep going.

"You like the pressure of trying to win.

"I think pressure is everything in football. You either thrive on it or you buckle under it and I am not going to buckle under it.

"I've been living with pressure most of my life with the clubs that I have been at.

"This is a huge club. You should have pressure all the time with the amount of people who come to watch it.

"You should have pressure on your shoulders. It's not something I am going to buckle under."

Lambert was talking as part of his weekly press conference with AVTV at Bodymoor Heath.

As always AVTV were on hand to record the manager's comments and you can watch the interview now.

Watch the whole interview on AVTV.

This article provides only a small snapshot of his comments.

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Watch the whole interview on AVTV.

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