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Villa v Wigan: Lambert - We won't drown in despair

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Villa v Wigan: Lambert - We won't drown in despair


Paul Lambert insists Villa can now either sink or swim after the two heavy festive defeats - and he has no plans to drown in despair.

Lambert accepts that it's been a frustrating time, with twelve goals conceded in the clashes with Chelsea and Tottenham.

But he says he's far from despondent about the rest of the campaign as he eyes victories to push Villa into the mid-table region.

He is confident the fans are with him and can appreciate the long-term future of the club, which he insists is bright.

Asked if fans should keep their eyes on the project, he said: "Yes I would say so. It's easy for to say that after we've been smacked but prior to these two games everyone could see the big picture.

"I understand the frustrations. But I can see the bigger picture. I know what we want to achieve.

"I know we're not a million miles from mid-table. If you hit a little run.

"We have played two tough games there with a lot of injuries. I think we will be fine.

"You have to put those barriers up. You take that criticism on the chin. It makes you stronger. There's no hiding from it. It makes you stronger - you think okay, no problem. You go again.

"There are two ways of looking at it. You pick yourself up or you sink. We're certainly not going to go sinking.

"I think the fans can see that we're trying to lift it and do the right things for the football club. We're doing everything we can.

"But listen, we're not sitting bottom. We are not in the bottom three and we're only a few points from mid-table!

"We want to make a success of this place. A more experienced team than we have right now has flirted with relegation the last few years. So it just shows you, you have to earn the right.

"But I think the future for the club is really good.

"It wasn't too long ago that we beat Liverpool and everyone was 'Aston Villa this and Aston Villa that.' You are going to take these hits along the way. If you ask most managers, they have been through what we're going through now.

"If someone said to us that we'd take three points from the games against Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham and drew the three, people would think differently about it.

"There are ways to look at it. It's whether you want to be positive or negative about it. I try to be positive.

"And we will get the team up and running. They will go again on Saturday."

Lambert is also confident his starlets will become "better players" in the long-term as a result of the two heavy defeats.

He added: "They will become better players for it, no doubt. When they look back in their late 20s, they will think 'jeez, I remember getting smashed there.' You do your utmost to try and make sure you don't have that feeling again."

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