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Lambert: Classy Westwood makes the game look so easy

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Lambert: Classy Westwood makes the game look so easy





Paul Lambert admits he's a big fan of Ashley Westwood because of his simple yet effective midfield style.

Lambert loves the fact in-form Westwood keeps the team ticking in the central ground with his remarkably high passing stats.

He believes that ease of performance gives off the impression that he's sauntering through the game - when, in fact, as the boss points out, he's having a profound effect on midfield matters.

He said: "I think a lot gets overlooked with Ashley. I think he has been excellent since that Sunderland game when he was thrown in.

"His pass ratio was extremely high and he never gives it away. I think his pass success rate is right up there at about 91 per cent. I think that's been really over-looked.

"Sometimes nobody wants to play the easy pass, but he does that and he makes it look easy.

"Because he's not giving it away people think he's not doing anything but he's been exceptional."

Lambert was a similar player to Westwood, breaking up play and finding more creative players to do the damage in the final third.

Not that Lambert would rise to the comparison.

He joked: "Did I have a similar percentage rate? I was 91 per cent giving it away!

"That was my job to give it to someone who was better than me and it wasn't hard because there was 10 of them!

"I just gave it to somebody that could go and do something with it. That's the job I was asked to do and it wasn't hard doing it in that team, that's for sure."

Lambert also revealed he kept close tabs on Westwood at Crewe for quite some time, after being tipped off about his ability by his assistant boss Ian Culverhouse.

He added: "Ian saw him a right few years back and I remember him coming back and saying there's a lad at Crewe you should keep your eye on.

"The biggest thing about him at Crewe was that being captain he played a lot of games in men's football, so he knew what it was about. He just came in here and he's taken to it no problem whatsoever."

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