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Villa v Reading: We're growing and improving stresses Lambert

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Villa v Reading: We're growing and improving stresses Lambert

By Paul Brown

Paul Lambert stresses that there's good belief in the camp as they head into Tuesday's clash with Reading.

Lambert was thrilled with the performance against Arsenal and thinks his young, emerging team are growing together with every passing game.

Now he's eyeing a good result against the Royals.

He insists the players are "on the top of their game" now and will cause problems for the newly-promoted side because they have a "genuine threat" going-forward.

He said: "I think the lads are playing very well at the minute. And we try and play the right way.

"There were some big performances against Arsenal. A lot of the lads are on top of their game at the minute.

"Part of the process is them growing together, being at this club for the next few years.

"They will take knocks along the way but the crowd are with us. Over 35,000 supporters turned up to watch us in that weather on Saturday which I thought was extraordinary!

"They can see what we're trying to do here. It's a long term thing. We are trying to build.

"They are young and they will make mistakes but it's a long project. I know that myself but the performances have been really encouraging. The future of the club looks really good.

"Now we move on to Reading. Tuesday will be a tough game but we're playing well. There's a good belief that they can win games.

"We are a threat. Definitely. I really feel that. That's what you want in your side. You really want that.

"Whether things come off in individual moments is another matter. But we have a definite threat in the side. The front thee were definitely that against Arsenal."

Lambert admits he'll be delighted to take his place in the dugout again on Tuesday after watching the match against Arsenal in the stands, following a one-match touchline ban.

He added: "It's not great. But I have got a good assistant manager. Praise to Ian for what he did.

"I will be back in the dugout again. I don't like being up there in the stands."

Make sure you're here to back the lads against Reading.


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